Figuring out my second APP......Help or suggestions

I have alunched a successfeul field sales app tool, already, and it has been successfully deployed for a couple years, now.

My second app needs to access a password protected website (not under my organization’s authority)

Will a webhook do this? I have inspected the page that has the data, I want to access for the app, but I may need some additional expertise.

Users will access via a paid account, and access the info via mobile.


Yes, a Webhook can do it or a fetch call to that protected website.

All what you need is to know the user/password and send them as parameters when you trigger the Webhook.


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Thank you…yes, it would require the user to enter their username and password for the site. (the password protected website’s data should be available via the “inspect” function, correct?)

Its just a matter of mapping the data fields from the site to the app for the user, then…I will dig in a bit over the weekend.