Ability to login by a third source platform (and/or SSO)

Hello everyone !

I’d like to create an app for a potential company. It’ll be an app for the staff of the company. However, some highly “sensitive” data has to be stored on the app and the customer has made it clear that users must identify themselves before being able to use the app. (To make it short : no login, no app).

While I know the systems already available (PIN…), I had an idea and I wanted to suggest it as a feature request.

Let’s say a user A opens the app, the first thing that will be displayed is a web page where the user will be asked to login with it’s credentials on the company website, if login successful the web view will close and the access to the app will be allowed. If not he will arrive on an error page and will be asked to login again.

We may implement some API if that’s the solution. (Or SSO if needed)
Please support this feature request ! Your thoughts on this are welcome :slight_smile:

Just a (maybe too) basic idea on the fly: if you manage the login weboage, and If zappier-like is sufficiently secured, could it be an option ?

App > webview > login webpage > zappier > app ?

I’ve had this idea actually, thanks @AyS_0908 ! But no idea on how to implement it.

Just upvoted if Apple/Facebook/Twitter SSO could be implemented as part of this feature request. Or if I can only have one, Apple login as I’ve found I’ve been using it a lot myself recently for new apps I test out.

Well, neither do I !

I suppose that the tricky part is the ‘login page’ where you are able to collect a ‘signal’ in the database saying that the user has logged in.

  • If you handle yourself the database (I have no idea how to set this up…) it is (probably) easy to have it sending the signal to zapoier
  • If it is the company, their IT dpt would have to send itself the ‘signal’ to zappier…

But in both cases it’s far away from my skills, so I may be wrong. Sorry to not be able to help further

Thanks @AyS_0908 !

Well the easisest way, and the way I’ll be able to work on is like having a web page where if the user manages to login he/she will be redirected to another page. Here’s what I mean :

Then, I’ll need to send a webhook from my website to Zapier to create a sort of login session on a column in my Glide Table/Google Sheet, and the session could stay valid for let’s say 1 hour. After that, that session column is either deleted or obselete.

That seems to be the easiest and the most efficient way. What do you think ?

A question for @Mark_Turrell , you have a feature on your app where after a timer a new page is opened, could you tell me how to reproduce ?

If anyone has an idea on how to delete the visibility condition after let’s say one hour, I’d love to know !

Thanks to all

I have used two methods to have a new ‘page’ open.

Method 1 was not very good as it relied on the user clicking. Method 1 was - you are on a wait screen (tab in my case). Then the timer countdown is 0 or less, the ‘wait please’ button vanishes and the ‘click to go to the next screen/tab’ appears. It worked, but was clumsy.

Now I have a single tab with visibility conditions based on ‘all kinds of things’.
First ‘top’ of the tab is when the user is waiting to be assigned a video agent.
Next, visibility based on the agent moving through an increment.
Next, the screen changed with the agent leaving, then controlled by math columns on timestamps (comparing to ‘now’).
Finally the user gets to upload an image and save - or if the time expires, the screen reverts to a ‘sorry, you’re late’ and a button to go to home.

I hope this helps!