Provide info on app which gets data from a website

Details filled in the text box and by click of a button it should redirect to a particular website and show result on the app from that website.

For example,

I want to know the result of my exams from my university website (no login required)
I want to fill up my roll number click on the search button. Now that button links my roll number and checks on my university website and displays my result on the app. Either the same webpage or i should create a new page to show the result. (Prefer to show same page from that website)

How can i manage to do this?

With Integromat or Zapier, between your website and yout Google Sheets

You could also build out a url with a template column and use the webview action. Or try using importxml or importhtml in the sheet.

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What is the typical URL link to see your results: Is it something like[your id number]?