Favorites/Calendar starting at 8 AM

Hello all,

making some progress in using Glide…:innocent:
I do have a user profile with saved favorites. I’d like to setup the possibility that the user can set up an own schedule for his/her favorites.

  1. The favorites are saved into a column with comma separated and then split.

I’d like to show them in a nice way (list) on a user screen but it still looks like this; i ca’t access the splitFav column.

  1. The user should be able to book one of the favorites. The calendar starts at midnight per default. Is there an option to narrow the time frame from 8-8? I don’t want to use Google integration.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Do you want a clickable list, or just have them arranged one under the other?

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Hi @Darren_Murphy,

First, thanks for always jumping on to the questions from all of us so quickly. It’s amazing and time saving.:pray:t2:
Both would be ok, clickable would be great.
Is it correct that the calendar always starts at midnight?

Thanks, Sabine

For a non-clickable list, you can create a Joined List column and target it at your Split Text column. Then change the default separator from a comma to a CRLF (enter key on your keyboard). Then you can display that in any type of text component.

For a clickable list, you’ll want to take a look at Bob’s “Miracle Method”.

I’m not sure about the calendar question, sorry. I’ll leave that one for somebody else.


I think what I would do is simply use the splitFav array to create a relation your schedule table. Then use the relation as the source of your collection or calendar.

Also, I would recommend storing the RowID of your events in the comma delimited list instead of the event names. It will save you a whole lot of headache later if you change the names of events, or if you have events with commas in the name, or if you have multiple events with the same name.