Is there a way to combine Favorites from different tabs into one (if they use one Key)

Hi spreadsheet gurus,

can you please help me figure out is there a way to combine favorite elements from different parts of the spreadsheet (different screens in the app) and create a custom schedule.

My current flow looks like that:
There is a master table - Samstag (2.1), where I have all events with a column EventID - that is used as a KEY for a Favorite button.

Schedule for each Stage (1) is made as a query function (1.2). Here I can select favorites (1.1) but they don’t appear in the ALL tab

And vise versa - if I select in the tab All some favorites can I push them to the individual stage? Currently they don’t go to the individual stages.

Any ideas?

here is the link to the app -

The Favorites functionality is within Glide. It links a specific logged in user to a sheet. There is no external access to those lists, so you can’t “see” them in your spreadsheet. So what you want to do is not possible in my opinion.

You could devise a workaround but it would be very clunky and require forms and other sheets to save logged in users and those ID’s to a new sheet, then filter rows by signed in user. I wouldn’t go down that road however.


What if you created a new “Favourites” field that was just a “Switch” field. You could probably come up with a way to link multiple switches to the same user if the switches exist in different tabs/sheets (linked by the user’s email address). You could then use the switch values to create a list of all the user’s “Favourites”.

My guess is that we’re eventually going to see the Favourites feature turn into a component. That’s a complete guess/hope though as I’ve seen this question come up a few times now and I’ve had similar thoughts on how to make it a more effective field in my apps.

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@NataliaGo sorry, but I would have the same advice as @George_B. I am curious though, about your Start by Hour tab. Are you handling the event counts within the spreadsheet? Does each hour block take you to a detail layout with an inline list? I really like how you set that up!

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Thanks @George_B , that’s what I was afraid is happening here :pensive: I guess …i will skip this Functionality for now.

I will try to make a test) but first need to learn how to set it up correctly. Thanks @shchc for the idea.

Thank you so much, @Jeff_Hager glad that you notice it. Yes, it’s a combination of COUNTIF function for a number of events, and inline list based on HOUR, so the output is a detail layout

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