Favorites bar?


The documentation needs a section on the Favorites Bar itself. The favourite bar has to be enabled, tables or sheet. Reason it was working for me in Tables not sheet was because I had favourites bar enabled on tables tab, but not sheet. To be honest, I didn’t even think three was any connection between favorites bar and tab. I had search and favorites bar enabled on tables tab, but not sheet.

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So would it safe to say that, for example, I did not want the favorites bar to be visible, but I still wanted to set favorites to use as a filter elsewhere in the app…is the favorites column only accessible for filters if the favorites bar is active?

I’ve read in past posts where some people wanted to show accumulated favorites from multiple tables on a single tab. In those cases, it was easy to add multiple inline lists that were filtered where isFavorite is true. Is that no longer possible and the favorites bar needs to be active for the column to be accessible?

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It doesn’t appear to be possible to connect the Favourites bar to an inline list, or maybe it’s not meant to be possible?

@Jeff_Hager take a look at this. Seems like once Favorite Bar is enabled on a tab, then it does not matter how many duplicates you have of that Tab with FB “disabled”, you can still like/dislike posts, and isFavorite will read it. So if you don’t want the same person to changed like status, don’t assume that leaving FB disabled on duplicate tab is going to do the job for you.

I played with this for awhile. There’s is definitely some weirdness here. It seems like favorites possibly function normally with and without the favorites bar. The only difference is whether or not the isFavorite column is visible or not. I guess the only thing I don’t like is that if the items have a favorites component and the favorites bar is hidden, then the isFavorite column is hidden and there is no way to filter a list using the standard filter because of the hidden column. I get why they made this change. Before, if you added the favorites component, then the column was added with no way to get rid of it short of deleting, which caused further issues. I think it might be a little aggresive on the hiding of the isFavorite column. I’m just thinking about those that may want to filter a list style screen without the favorites bar, or add a filtered inline list to a details screen, which doesn’t appear to allow for a favorites bar and can’t be filtered without the isFavorite column being visible in the data. The cases I’m pointing out might be rare, but I think we are going to be dealing with this issue in the forum for the foreseeable future.


I have come up with a temporary computed Favorites workaround on a pseudo Favorites Bar tab. I’m telling you it’s messy. And I’m a bit sober now :rofl:. Seems like you have to have a hidden tab of favourites. It’s on the same link I posted above. Hope it’s helpful.

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Cold you please explain this to me.

I turned on the favorites. But the column “is favorited” is not created in my table. And it is supposed to be created automatically.

I have users and profiles.

What is wrong? It worked just a couple of weeks ago.

@Alina Did you watch @PabloMFalero’s video? Like he showed, right now, the only way to get the column to become visible is to add the favorites bar. I don’t like it, but that’s how it works right now.

Thank you so much! Now I get it.

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Meaning, its only works for List Page?
I’m now using Details Page,
because got Filter/conditions to apply.


So, no possibility for using Favorite button ?

You can still use the favorites button, but as far as I know, yes the isFavorite column would only be available if you enable the favorites bar on a list page. If you hold out for a few days, I believe glide is going to fix that.

Otherwise, you would have to have a tab with a list style view and the favorites bar enabled for the isFavorite column to be accessible for your own filtering.

No cannot, if your page Details style, there’s no even option to enable.

and its there when your style is “List”

List Style - Is there an option to Favorite


Details Style - No option to Favorite


I’m not disagreeing. That’s what I’m saying and that’s the problem. You can’t enable a favorites bar on a detail view and because of that, the isFavorite column is hidden on the table. You can still have a Favorites component and I think it will save favorites to the hidden isFavorite column, but you can’t access it, so there is no point in having a favorites component when you need to have a favorites bar enabled to access the isFavorite column.

Glide will fix it in a few days.


Has anyone got egs of this for web?