Export Data?

I tried creating an export to excel functionality using google sheets.
Each sheet has a GID, you can find GID of specific sheet in the URL of spreadsheet. Then you can use this link to download specific sheet -
KEY is the unique ID of the spreadsheet.
Sample below:
Once you have your export url, you can add action to your button to open link with target as your export url.

P.S - You will have to create user friendly sheets with only required columns for the purpose of export and use the link of that sheet.


Oh wow! Huge thanks for that! :star_struck:

This is fantastic!

How about the PDF? How did you get it to download as a PDF?

You can specify “format=pdf” in the link to generate it.


“format=csv” :heart_eyes:

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Saw your post late. Yes, you can export in formats supported by Google Sheets.

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Hi Seemapahelani :pray: :clap:
Thank you so much for this great help!

This is great. Thanks for sharing.!