How can I export a google sheets on glide?

I want to export my data on sheets, but i can’t create a button or find in the app, does glide have this function?

The idea for my app is to filter de data and export monthly the data.

Welcome to Glide, @Leonardo_Nunes!

Can you clarify which data you want to export?

Do you want to export data from a table displayed in your Glide app, or something else?

You can do it as below:

  • Create a filtering system that uses user-specific columns on the backend and choice components writing to those columns on the frontend.

  • On the backend, create a setup that allows you to return matching rows through a relation.

  • Use a button with the action being: Generate CSV (point to the relation and select the columns as needed), write the CSV URL to a new column, set a “wait for condition” action of around 10 secs just to be sure, and then open the CSV URL for automatic downloading.


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