Dynamic row owners

This topic was live a couple of days ago. It’s a pity it was deemed impossible without an app reload.

My use case is the need to export only specific rows from a Glide table into a CSV file. Dynamic row owners (or roles) would have been a tidy solution. Instead, Glide always exports all rows from the table (you can choose the columns).

In short, I have an output table that adds rows depending on user activity. I wanted to export this data, but only the data generated by the current user.

If you use the new CSV integration, you can filter the exported rows by using a relation as the source.


Oh really! I didn’t know you could use a relation. That changes everything! Thank you.

Well I just added a relation column that matches a user’s current project ID with the project ID in the data table. This identifies the rows to export.

However, when I try to modify the source of the CSV file using Glide’s custom action, the relation column does not show up. I can only select from the list of tables… am I doing something wrong?

I see Users, Things, Categories but no relation.

Ah spoke too soon. It does work! I just need to click on the ‘User Profile’ to be able to see the sub-menu and then select the relation.

It works a treat. Thank you!

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