CSV Output

Hi, I have a DB in Glide and have linked a CSV output to the table of data I need. but I wanted to make it so when a user clicks the button only the records registered in the last 24 hours get exported to the CSV. is there any easy way to do this?

The CSV integration accepts relations and query’s as it source. Set up a relation or query to the data for the last 24 hrs and then use that as the source of the CSV


I dont see how that would help as for csv we have to select a source and the columns for the source. how do I fill it with a query?

I believe you want to change “Source data” on the right. Change that from the Attendance table to your Relation or Query instead.

This only allows me to select from existing tables - I would have to create a relational table for this then. is that the suggestion ?

Correct you’d have to create a new one. Glide unfortunately does not suggest them for you but that would be neat!

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Have this setup, maybe in your Users table.

  • Add a math column, let’s call it “Cut off”: Now-1 with Now referencing the current time.
  • Add a query column pointing to the table you need to export, filter by the record date being after the “Cut off” value.
  • Point the export CSV option to that query.
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