How can I generate a CSV file from a filtered search?

For example, I have a table called “operations” with multiple rows, and I know I can convert them into a .CSV file. However, the issue I have is that I don’t want the ENTIRE table to be converted to .CSV, but only the entries between dates that the user has previously chosen. Is this possible?

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You can create a CSV from a relation or query column. If you already have a relation or query set up you will see them as options when you create the action.


You can combine the approach I mentioned in another thread with what Darren suggested above.

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I am dealing with a similar problem, except I am trying to only show active users from a user table. For each user there is a column indicating if they are active or not, and while I can filter the user table to only show active users in a collection, I am unable to do so with a CSV. How could using a relation help here, since I am referencing the same table, not a relation to another table.

Have you tried it?

Oh sorry, I see that I can also do this with a query not just relation. I just tested it with a query and I believe it works as I had wanted it to.


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