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Hi, I created a new team and started a new free app project based on an Excel Workbook. At some point, I noticed my Excel workbook is not syncing on one tab. I did a row count and found I was using well over 500 rows (I had not yet normalized my tables). Under the Usage Window, however, Glide is reporting I was only using 310 rows. At any rate, I normalized my tables and got down to 300 rows. Then I removed the tab from excel that was causing my row count to exceed 500.

When I refreshed my browser, Glide had converted the deleted Excel tab to a Glide table and retained the data!


And it is still not syncing my last tab which has 20 or so rows in it…

Expected Behaviour:
What should happen?
Glide should be able to do an accurate row count and sync my table. I don’t mind that it retained the data as a Glide table when I removed the tab from Excel. I can always delete that later – I consider that a feature! But I need it to sync properly with excel. The “Rosary Prayers” table is not syncing all the rows.

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It’s still like that.

I also notice if you duplicate an app with tables, it converts all the tables to Glide tables instead of copying your Excel workbook to a new workbook.

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I am experiencing the same problem since 2 days. My data source is google sheets.

First I thought the problem is with a particular app, but I experienced this error in my other app as well which is in a different team.

Definitely a major bug!!!

Your SV table that is a Glide Table is not being referred in the app in any way. So it does not count as row usage.

Hi Santiago,

The Glide Table that is there was an Excel tab, and it was being referenced by relations, and Glide still was not counting those rows in the usage. When I normalized the data by bringing it into the other sheets and deleted the tab from Excel, Glide transformed it into a Glide Table and kept all the data. I was going to delete that also, but wanted support to be able to see what I was talking about.

So, and I still have the problem that the Excel workbook is not syncing with my Glide tables.


What is the table that is not syncing?

Do you have a video of it?

Rosary Prayers (in Glide)

In Excel

@David_Gabler could you delete that table from your app?

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OK, deleting the spurious Glide Table that was created by Glide when I removed the corresponding Excel Tab allowed the other table to update on the Glide side.

Thank you for your help.

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