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Hi guys,

New here!
I’m experimenting with glide… and one of the features I’d like to add is to do with ‘forms’.

  1. Is there a way to restrict posting an event until a user signs up through another form?
  2. Following this, has anyone ever set-up a subscription based app?.. following a ‘sign-up’ form? (meaning users have to pay after a set amount of ‘event posts’ or after a set amount of time from signing up)

Other HELP please… Any examples of?
A. Ticketing Apps for events?
B. Apps that allow users to edit their profiles… after completing a form?

You can probably do point 1 through the visibility feature.
You can have two buttons, each button triggers a form.
Button 1 is visible if a certain variable is false
Button 2 is visible if that same variable is true

When people add the details to the form from button 1, you turn the variable from false to true and they’ll see the second button when they leave the form.

I haven’t tested this, but I think it would work.

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Thanks very much Sandro, I’ll give this a go and let you know how I get on

Watch this video as well — it shows an advanced technique for conditionally showing buttons based on whether the user has created their profile yet:


Thanks @david I watched this earlier and it worked a treat!

But let’s say I didn’t want anyone to “post” an image until they’ve signed up?
How would you go about doing that?

In the video, users can still
Post an image and still not have a profile.

My understanding is that you do the same visibility trick with the button to post.

Appears solution offered in post, topic closed.