Enlarge image not working

It’s fixed.

It is not yet fixed…initially image will show in normal size & if you touch it will will zoom & won’t come back to normal size … loading the image is taking time when compared to how much it was taking time to load before the issue

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Yes. The same bug here

@tru can you please take a look?

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The issues still there …not been fixed

Try now.

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Now inage enlargement is working fine…thank you very much…

One issue is that it is still taking 6 to 8 sec to load the image if you click to enlarge the image …very slow response to enlarge …1 to 2 seconds is ideal for enlarging the image …

Working now - lag time to open is high. Not as quick as it used to be

It loads in 1 or 2 seconds for me.

Very slow when compared to previous before the issue s6

I downloaded a couple of the images and the size doesn’t seem huge. Around 175kb. I wonder if the original image size makes a difference. Have you tried uploading a smaller image? How fast is your internet connection?

Hi, I’m having this issue with my image files (Google Drive pdfs - size about 600 kb). Also - I’m not able to hit the cross for returning back from full screen enlarged image (I have to do a swipe movement in the corner) Bug not fixed yet?

Can you show a video or share your app?

Thanks for replying, Jeff, could it be that my PDF aligns too far to one side (out of view) when enlarged? Some sort of overflow issue? This might be the reason why the escape cross in the corner does not work when I hit it on iPhone either - I imagine that the cross as design element remains in place while the actual button is off screen.
See video:

When you enlarge the image, have you tried to zoom out (pinch zoom on the phone)? I haven’t checked in awhile, but I always avoided the enlarge image action because it always zoomed in too much for images.

Also, could you try changing you action to web view or open link? I’m not sure how that should react since you are viewing a PDF instead of an image. Changing the action might work better for you.

As for the close (x) button, I know there was an issue in the past, but may have been resolved. i don’t have an iphone, so I’m not sure how that works for iphone users now.

Hi, yes I tried the pinch, but still just black and no response. This only happens to my PDFs, images work fine. When changing the action to open link the PDFs display full screen, no problem, web view is blocked by Google (no embedding).
I would love to keep the app user within the app, though, so I’m hoping for a fix of the enlarge image action.

Can you share one of your links? Just curious is something isn’t set up correctly to let you use web view.

I have the same problem :cry:

I would also like to know if this image enlargement function works only with single images? I used this action on my image carousel and a black screen only appears

In my app the enlarge image did not work too. App.weeklystyle.de.