About the close button

I have a question about the operation of the close button when the image is enlarged.
It works fine on a PC, but on iOS it doesn’t work when you press the close button. You can close it by pressing a little lower right of the X button. I think that the recognition position of the X button is off.

For reference, enter the URL for PC.

Ah. I noticed this too the other day. I thought the app had just frozen after I enlarged the image. Good find.

I just double checked, at least safari’s debugger claims the detect region is correct. Regardless I made it much larger :slight_smile:

Is there a way to increase the detection area? How do you do it?

Hi all, I still experience this issue on iPhone Xs Max. The detection area is displaced and I must press the area just below and to the right of the close button. On my iPhone 6s it works fine.