Tapping issue?

Hi! I am not sure this qualifies as a bug per se, however we have an image that acts as an increment and you have to increment a lot. When you tap and tap, the screen will zoom in (on mobile) and then the form you lose the submit button in the form view?
Does anyone a solution to this?

Can you give us the app link and tell us where to reproduce that, or possibly a video of it in action? Thank you.

Hi - will try a video…but here are screenshots - you can see the screen zooms in about 10 percent which hides the submit button on the form page (next page).

When you tap on buttons on a mobile WHEN it is in safari, it zooms in…it happens on other apps periodically, but since i use tapping (image as button), it always happens after two or three taps.

here is a video

@ThinhDinh any thoughts?
thanks so much

@Jeff_Hager I’m gonna lob you in because you pretty much know all…

Ah I see the problem. I never actually use this myself so can’t say for sure, is this only a recent problem? What OS version are you on?

I don’t have IOS, but I haven’t been able to duplicate on Chrome in Android. Does it hapen on an installed app? I’m guessing it’s just a “feature” of Safari to zoom in, even though in my experience, I’ve been to sites that do not allow zooming in. Just for something to try, if you happen to have tablet/desktop mode enabled, try disabling it and see if that makes any difference.

Or maybe it’s an accessibility feature. Here’s some info.