One of the taps of my app is not working anymore (causing a crash) - Update: fixed

One of my apps (work in progress) was working well. Until now. When selecting the tap the screen turns completely white and there is nothing I can do (then reload and face the same issue).

See video:

Any thoughts on what I can do to fix this?

My first thought would be that something is not configured correctly in your sheet or app. Do you have a published link to your app that you would be willing to share?

Hi Jeff, tnx for your reply! After one hour or so I tried again and… it works again. So for now I’m back on track.

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The problem is back. It looks like things go wrong after adding an inline list.

@Jeff_Hager Are you still open to take a look at my app? Can you access this: ?

This is a bug. We’ll fix it. Thank you for reporting!

@Mark Tnx for the swift response! Also good to know it wasn’t something I broke. Q: Do you have any idea when this is fixed and/or when I can continue building?

A hotfix is being put together now, we are hoping to have it fixed today.

Tnx @Jason That would be great! It is already night in my time zone, so I will check tomorrow.

@Jason @Mark @Jeff_Hager Everything seems to work smooth again. Tnx for your support!

Hi @Jason and @Mark, I have the same issue on one of my apps.
I have 2 form buttons working well that now crash my app each time I click on it.
Do you need the app link? Can this be the same issue as @paulblok?

Hi @louisdv Do you still experience the problem? In that case you may want to address the problem in a new topic, since my topic is marked as closed now. So I am not sure if any expert reads your question here.

Thanks @paulblok, I will later today if I have no answers here (as we were sunday yesterday, I’m waiting a bit).

As my problem seems really similar to you, I didn’t want to duplicate issues :slight_smile:

That makes 100% sense of course, however, my app is flawless again.