App keeps crashing

My App/Pages Support link:

Describe the bug:
I have a very simple app based on a template for a todo list. I’m using it for a grocery shopping list. I have a list of grocery items with a checkbox for each item. I’ve been using it for months, but now when ever I check an item to add to the list the screen goes blank. When I exit the app and go back to that item it is checked. This happening on both my phone and on desktop.

Expected Behaviour:
I should be able to check one item after another without crashing.

How to replicate:
See above


Thank you.

Hi @Terry_Barth

Could you share a support link to this app?

I am unable to reproduce this behavior. Could you make a recording?

Well dang. I mean, oh good! It’s working now.

I tried the app several times this morning and even rebooted my phone and still couldn’t get it to work.

Sorry to bother you. I appreciate you taking a look at it.

No worries!

Happy to hear that is working.

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