Error when viewing app

Hi there, I’ve been working on an App for the past week and all is working as it should until today.
Today when I went to open the App I received this message…
"A problem repeatedly occurred on “https://xxxxxx
where xxxx is the name of the App.

I have had no issues at all until today. I know I can delete the App and reshare, however, I need to know if it happens again I’ll know what to tell people (I haven’t shared it with anyone as yet).

Viewing on an iPhone running iOS 13.1.3

Thank you in advance, Jeanette

For 3-4 days it hasn’t been working, just tried again now and suddenly it is???

Hi @JMD. I haven’t heard any similar reports recently. If it happens again could you send a message via intercom (the ‘?’ in the bottom right of Glide) or to

Sorry to not be of more help. This sort of thing should rarely happen, but can’t answer until we diagnose the problem.

Thank you, I will. I added another copy of the App so I could going with the design, and that version was fine. I left the broken version on my device. I checked each day with the same error message appearing, and then just like that it worked again!

Totally understand the “can’t fix if not broken“ scenario :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jeanette

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@JackVaughan, same thing happening with my app

and actually, the same error occurs with the app a lot…

Your links are working for me. DNS issue???

@Jeff_Hager, it happens when i click items, go back and forth. before it happened after a while of doing this, now almost immediately. i’m on an iphone. what could solve this? i already deleted the app and added it to the home screen again? and the problem persists.

and another thing that happens every time i open the app and start clicking things is it reboots - the screen becomes blank, the ‘signing in’ screen appears and the app restarts.

Could you give us more information, please? What phone are you on, which OS version? Could you upload a video of these reboots happening?

@Mark, iphone x, ios 12.3

@Mark, here goes the video:

Hello Filipa,

I have been able to reproduce the crashing. The issue is caused by the large number of horizontal scrolling lists that are all on the same page with large numbers of images. Basically the browser is crashing. While I wish I could tell you I can immediately fix this, I can’t.

The data needs to be streamed in more intelligently, we are working on this but its not there yet. For now reducing the number of horizontal lists and in general reducing the amount of content on screen at once will fix the issue. I will get this resolved for you in the medium term, I promise!


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thanks, @Jason! do you have an idea of how many inline lists we can have per tab before it starts crashing?

Probably depends on the age and capability of the device, the number of other applications you have running, number of items in each list, number of images, and probably several other factors.