"Only show a few items" getting reset to unchecked sporadically

This is happening randomly and sporadically so I can’t prove it, but lists in both of my apps are getting this box unchecked. Wanted to mention it and see if anyone else has experienced this?

You seem to have a lot of “reset” issues. The only issue I’ve ever ran into was a particular list that would have the Link to Screen action reset to ‘none’ sporadically. Couldn’t quite nail down what was causing it, but it hasn’t happened for awhile now, so I assume the issue was fixed. (just watch, it’ll break now that I said something). This is a little left field, but what if you try a different browser for a week or two? Maybe somehow component settings are getting cached somewhere and resending old settings to glide servers. Just a thought for something to try.


I’d rather keep using Chrome and try to help Glide team identify / get it resolved - Plus I’m a creature of habit when it comes to work. I don’t have time to switch browsers and all my stuff is already set up in Chrome. While I’m at it, I forgot to mention that search bars like to get rechecked and appear uninvited all over my apps (both of them)! @Jeff_Hager I know what you mean about saying something and it happens again a minute later. Fingers crossed you don’t experience your issue again!

I’m just saying that when I’m debugging code at my job, I like to try to eliminate as many external possibilities as possible so I can fine tune my focus on the real issue. I’ve spent days or weeks looking at code just to find out at the end that I was looking down the completely wrong path. Many times I have to deal with very limited information from a user to find a problem. It’s next to impossible for me to fix something if I don’t know how to reproduce it. Just this last week I had a recurring issue that would sporadically reoccur for only a couple users and only at this same time of the year. The code would end up in an internal loop that it couldn’t get out of. This has been ongoing for at least 4 years. I could debug their session and see the looping code and what was happening, but for the life of me, I could never figure out the extemely specific set of steps that they took to get the code into that loop. The user’s could never explain all of their steps and I absolutely could not reproduce it. Ultimately I had to add code to monitor for the loop and brute force it out after so many iterations. You talk about not liking workarounds, :wink: I definitely didn’t like having to do that, but at this point it was all I could do with the limited information I had. I don’t have time to completely rewrite the logic of a program and that most likely would introduce a host of new bugs if I did. Moral of the story is that sometimes it’s helpful for developers to have as much info as possible to resolve an issue. Again, can’t fix something when you can’t reproduce and know what to fix. I was only suggesting another browser to help eliminate the browser as any source of the problem. Being that it’s mostly you that has commented on these settings “resetting”, I just figured it would help to eliminate something with your particular setup as the source of the problem.


Is it possible you were switching between different list layouts? I’m not confident the option will always stay if you switch between layouts.

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Had just created the list and gone through my checklist of setting it up (which always includes show 6 items)…and then a few minutes later I noticed the “see all” was gone so I checked and the box was unticked. I’ll pay closer attention though, in case I did make a layout change. I may have changed the cards from floating to outline, but that’s the only variance in how I set my layouts. Again, this happens a lot - I haven’t reported it til now when I was fairly certain. Just a lot of resetting happening in my experience. I will start recording soon as you suggested.