Glideapp developer web UI on Ipad zooms on double click and can’t zoom out again

My app’s URL: any developer web app viewed on Ipad

100% repro:

  • sign in and Open the developer UI on a browser using an Ipad

  • everything works great

  • double click by mistake anywhere and the view zooms in

  • impossible to zoom out again. You need to reload the whole page

Recommend Glidapp disables “double click to zoom” on the web view when on ipad


Just bumping this to the top. Android 7 tablet here. It only happens on component’s layout tab, and no where else. @Mark

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about this. You should be able to zoom out again if you double-tap the “right” area.


To fix this issue press on the text icon and zoom in or out on your IPad

Double-tapping does nothing…

As I said in my previous reply, I do not have an ipad…

You should have a text size option in your browser, make the text smaller or bigger then it should revert back to normal state.

Ok, so I can make the text big. What about everything else?

When you change the text size back and forth it should zoom out to its normal state instead of refreshing the entire page.

Changing the text size only changes the text. Literally everything that isn’t text doesn’t get zoomed.

Actually, that’s the problem. I want to zoom in, because the builder itself slownly zooms out.

Out of curiosity, what is causing this?