What just happened in Desktop mode? 🧐

It’s huge and looks very odd. Lost the space on the sides - Buttons are GIGANTIC full screen width…Can barely see an entire component on the screen–cannot experience an entire tile in an inline list on a Macbook pro. Kindly advise what is happening. I understand things get released without notice, but this one is a bit jarring because it’s not an improvement…or maybe it’s a bug? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What’s your zoom set at?

Please show a screenshot.

My zoom is at 100% Trying to make a video - hang tight.

Checked the zoom - it’s fine (reset it just in case). So what happened is this: I work on a laptop and I have a large monitor where I keep other windows open including the app (installed). While I was sitting here, the screen changed - I didn’t do anything - didn’t touch the zoom, didn’t touch the app settings etc.

Just realized it’s Tuesday! :grin:

What device are you on for that video Deena?

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Macbook Pro, same one I always use. Have not updated the OS today or done anything really. Was just sitting here working when boom - everything got Supr Sized. Pun intended. :sweat_smile:


What is your screen resolution set to?

Same here. Just checked. With 2x live apps.


Okay - I’m shaping up to look like a fool here haha - but really I didn’t do ANYTHING. It was open in a window - I haven’t changed ANY computer settings, changed my resolution, changed my zoom, browser, OS, rebooted, or anything…mysterious…

I checked on my iMac and ipad and you’re right -they’re fine. But this should not have happened on this device. I know, you’re trying to get it sorted! But something happened all by itself. Same issue on external monitor and the macbook display - tried closing and reopening. Haven’t touched my display resolution settings but here they are…Glad it’s not by design - my concern is if this magically happens to other users…

By the way, I don’t think a zoom or resolution setting would eliminate the white space to the left and right of the centered components on the pages? It would just change the size of things. That’s maybe a good clue…

My apps are basically the “phone version” but scaled horizontally in the browser window on desktop. So I suspect the app thinks it should display in phone mode and then just scales accordingly. Rather like it doesn’t recognise that it’s in a desktop window.

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@Deena, can you please add jason@heyglide.com to your app?

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@V88 tablet mode only activates when the screen is larger than 600px in both directions, otherwise it will fall back to phone layout. Can you confirm your browser things the window is at least that big?

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And it’s the INSTALLED app - not in a browser…

Okay, so, the app installed got corrupted or something - which is also not good or expected. Please see video @Jason you’re whitelisted to go in- I open the app in new browser and it’s fine, then I click “show fullscreen” still in browser and it’s fine. Then I open from the Installed App (installed at least 2 weeks ago) from my Dock- and it’s the big version. Again, this is not zoom or display resolution issue . I am good for now - I will delete and reinstall the app later - unless you need to “inspect” something in my corrupted app. Maybe it will never happen again- if it does I’ll report it.

Hi Deena,

I think we’ve identified the issue. Im testing a hotfix now.



Amazing, as always! I’m just glad it wasn’t part of the Tuesday treats (@Rosewebstudio)! Thank you! :pray:

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Yup. Absolutely. It’s like a scaled phone UI irrespective of how big or small I make it i.e. at any size

The hotfix has rolled out, please test :slight_smile:


Fixed! The installed app that was having the display issue is fine now. Thank you! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: