Landscape to portrait switch makes screen small

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I was working with a colleague on some fine-tuning of content today. She was using an iPhone 7 running 13.1.3 (i know!). She turned the screen to view in landscape and when she returned it to portrait, the bottom part of the screen was missing. This meant tabs without descriptors and addresses missing from map details. Any ideas? No problems on my XR.

Sounds like a device operating system issue. Did you do any Google searching to see if other apps are experiencing this kind of behavior?

Did you try closing the app and reopening it? Did that fix the issue?

Has been reported to glide months ago. Don’t know whether they will fix it😐

Yep. She did try closing the app, but the problem persisted.

I don’t know anything about IOS, but it’s there a difference between closing and force closing? At least a restart should be the same as a force close.

Hi Jeff. There is a difference. You need to swipe the app up and away to close it fully on iOS rather than simply coming out of it to the homescreen or other app. She tried both. I suspect, if you haven’t heard of this issue with any other phone, it may be a temporary glitch. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if it continues.