Possible bug on mobile view. Missing back button


This may be a bug, in which case I will report it, but just in case - I am not seeing the back button when viewing an app on an iPhone in Landscape - or on an iPad.

See screenshots attached

iPhone portrait

iPhone Landscape

(I added the back button at the bottom as a work around)

Just curious - does the button sometimes appear and sometimes not?

I was seeing similar behaviour in one of my Apps today. But I have other issues with that particular App, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Not so far but will monitor and let you know

Looks like the landscape view is giving it the “desktop” layout, which doesnt have a native back button and uses breadcrumbs, if added. That could be the issue? Never previously viewed my Pages in landscape to know if it existed before.

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I think this is correct. Breadcrumbs should solve it.