Button visibility - mobile vs. desktop/tablet

Hi there,

We are developing an app that will be used primarily on iPhones and iPads.

When navigating through the app on mobile view, there is a back button to navigate backwards. There is no back button present on desktop view.

This was a major UX flaw when testing our app with users - testers could not figure out how to navigate backwards when using an iPad (desktop view).

I have inserted a Button component with the action “Go Back” which allows desktop view users to navigate backwards.

Now, I am met with the issue of having two back buttons when on mobile view.

Perhaps this is a feature request, but I am wondering if there is a way to target component visibility for mobile vs. desktop views? Could I hide the button from mobile view using Custom CSS?

We are on a Glide Business plan.

Images below of the confusing UI double back button conundrum!

Thanks in advance for any assistance :slight_smile:

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Get the users device information and set a viability condition based on operating system or screen width.

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Have you tried adding a Breadcrumbs component at the top of the screen?

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Breadcrumbs should be good enough. It shows only on desktop.

If that doesn’t work, Eric’s suggestion would be the way to go. Get the screen width and then show/hide components accordingly, I think.

Clicking the breadcrumbs isn’t as intuitive as one might hope for first time tablet users, but appreciate the suggestion!

Curious about Eric’s suggestion…how would one get the user’s device information/screen width?

Thanks all for the help!

Oh brilliant, thanks Darren!

It seems like the Device Info is only computed once, the first time a user logs in.

So, for example, when a user logs in on a tablet, then logs in on an iPhone, the Device Info for only the tablet is recorded in the Data Editor.

Expected behavior or a bug?

No, you should get the info for whichever device they are using at the time.

Can you describe how you’ve set it up, and how you got that result?

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