Hide Mobile Back button

I’m on Glide Pro and using Pages. Does anyone know how I can hide this back button for mobile navigation?

I am using Deep links and don’t want to confuse users with this random back button. On Desktop I can just hide the breadcrumbs, but on mobile it keeps showing the back button.

Requires CSS on Biz Plan. Might be something like:

[data-testid=“menu-left-button”] {
display: none;

Hi Erwin,

Were you able to get this working? Looking to do the same with our app.

Thank you!

Even if you are able to hide it, which should be available on Business & Enterprise, you would still face the problem that users can swipe left to “go back”. That’s a native action which you have no control on, so I would suggest configuring your component visibilities accordingly, instead of trying to hide the button.

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