Layout truncation after device rotation

My app’s URL:

I am guessing this might be unrelated to my app, since there is nothing exotic here.
Reproduction steps:

  1. Download app to iPhone (I am using iPhone 8 running latest iOS)
  2. Launch app and login
  3. Rotate device (from portrait to landscape)
  4. Rotate device (back to portratit)
  5. Observe tab bar at bottom of device
    Expected: Tab bar to render the same as before device rotation
    Actual: Tab bar is truncated and text labels of icons are no longer visible

Could you please post a video of what you’re seeing?

Seems to be the same bug as reported back in august for iPhone 7 users

Hi Mark,
Tried to attach a video, but this forum seems to deny attachment of that file type. Or am I missing something? Like I mentioned, pretty basic repro steps, so I assume this might affect any Glide app on my iPhone model. HTH.

You could just save it to your gdrive, make it public and put the link in here

Or Loom will record and give you a url to post in the forum.

Thanks, @Jeff_Hager and @Krivo.
Hopefully this will work:

I do hope that it will be fixed. I have quite a few colleagues using iPhone 7 and 6s and they are affected by this problem. It is a old bug though - but still hoping glide will do a fix.

@Mark , when can we expect this bug fix
Iphone 6