Enhancing the tabs - go to top of page

A great little enhancement of the tab functionality could be the following:
The user clicks on a tab (which is already selected) and the page is rolled down to the bottom (or the top of the page isn’t shown) then a click on the tab again will make the page scroll to the top.

I’m using tabbing multiple times when I have drilled down on a specific tab. It is actually a good way to get to the first page of a tab. But it is not possible to go the the top of the first page of the tab

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Right! Or at least on iOS devices, usually you can tap above the status bar to scroll to top, but this doesn’t work in Glide.

@Robert_Petitto well that actually works for me on iOS 13.3.1

But I would like to be able to keep clicking on a tab and in the end will end up with the front page of that tab and scrolled to the top

I hate to bring up a topic that seems to have been settled by lack of activity, but here goes:

Since September 2020 when I first used Glide, I have been surprised when I started testing several of my apps to find that when I click on a tab, that I was returned to a spot viewing the tab somewhere else than at the top of the screen. As a user, I could correct the situation where I expected to be at the top by scrolling with my finger to the top, or clicking on the tab icon a second time.

There are situations where if I return to a tab, I would expect to be positioned where I left off in the middle of a screen – this would occur if I returned to a tab by using the “< back” control.

This distinction does not seem to happen and I suggest going to a tab be changed to exhibit this suggested behavior:

  • Click on tab icon, go to top of the screen.
  • Click on “< back” go to previous position within the screen.

– Harry