Enhancing the tabs - go to top of page

A great little enhancement of the tab functionality could be the following:
The user clicks on a tab (which is already selected) and the page is rolled down to the bottom (or the top of the page isn’t shown) then a click on the tab again will make the page scroll to the top.

I’m using tabbing multiple times when I have drilled down on a specific tab. It is actually a good way to get to the first page of a tab. But it is not possible to go the the top of the first page of the tab

Right! Or at least on iOS devices, usually you can tap above the status bar to scroll to top, but this doesn’t work in Glide.

@Robert_Petitto well that actually works for me on iOS 13.3.1

But I would like to be able to keep clicking on a tab and in the end will end up with the front page of that tab and scrolled to the top