Tabs at top

Any idea about this:

Many applications:
• do not use a drawer
• have tabs under the topbar (like WhatsApp)

Is is possible to do this right now or one day or the current architecture does not permit such features?

Hi @jabid :wave:t2:

Right now the only option to display tabs is at the bottom of the screen (with or without labels) or in the hamburger menu (drawer).

You could, however, artificially create tabs higher on the screen by creating clickable lists (tiles, cards) or components (buttons, choice) whose action might be “Go to tab”. This would only be a workaround. Which you would need to replicate on every tab. Not worth the effort in my opinion.

The tabs under the top bar is a great idea!

@jabid I suppose you could move tabs to the top with custom CSS. There is a lot of discussion about custom CSS in the forum and I believe @ThinhDinh and @Lucas_Pires might have a Notion where they keep an ongoing library of CSS that will work in Glide.


At the moment even if you don’t use the hamburger menu (drawer) then Glide still uses it to display user profiles screen, about screen and sign in/sign out screen. You can only disable this with CSS, but you have to do it on every screen you have in the main menu, and those must be details screen.

I think you mean something like this, and it can be done with a choice component.


Waw. Is it functional?

It functions well, the video from @Pedroydzito shows that :wink: But I assume that’s a lot of CSS.