🔝 Scroll to Top...how did I miss this?!

I believe this has been on ever since I started using Glide, somebody used my first app and told me it’s nice to have that feature. I didn’t even know it exist back then!

Not sure if it’s common for other apps, and if it’s not, would I use a hint text or something to tell users to do so.



:exploding_head: lol that’s awesome…

Thks, @Robert_Petitto It works also from a Detail view, like an anchor to the top of the info.
We can of course add a :top: to the title to somehow hint the user.
But it would be more user friendly and less tedious to do for developers if it’s integrated in Glide?

BTW: about scrolling.
How can you scroll in your mobile app from the builder UI?
For demo purposes (like a Zoom/Google Meet).
I usually browse through my components in the left bottom to show my mobile screen content. But I can’t simulate a scroll in a list, only use the search to reach the level I want to display.

And since Glide can anchor to top, I would suggest sth like an action we can trigger from a floating button (that we know how to center thks to CSS), a link, anything, that can be contextual (top :top:/ :arrow_down:bottom depending on what’s displayed), even a control panel?

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I just scroll using my trackpad.
I don’t have a mouse, but I imagine that if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, then that would work?


No, Darren, I show on desktop PC and MS edge my Glide UI which I share in Meeting. I even swipe the cards UI (not easy with a mouse, but I found a way: I whistle to maintain the right pressure during the swipe, et voilà :grin:)

So are you saying that scrolling using a mouse scroll wheel doesn’t work?

Have you tried from your Builder UI to scroll in your mobile app, say, an inline list?

Tapping on a tab brings the top level screen of that tab. That is really nice - but the best would be if an extra tap on the tab would move the screen to the top ( just like tapping the header of the screen). This is also how Facebook work.

Has been put in a feature request long time ago. I would expect it to be easy to implement

Maybe something to do in a coding session. What do you think?

Yes, works fine using my trackpad. You just need to ensure that the screen has focus, then you can scroll until the cows come home :slight_smile:

@L.M - here…

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no, without a track pad. With a simple mouse.

As I said, I don’t have a mouse. Maybe someone else who has a mouse with a scroll wheel can test that. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t work

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It has always worked for me.

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Can I use this in layout which has tiles list, horizontal list and normal list.the normal list needs to be like this.can I Implement this?

It’s a native thing which Glide controls, and always brings you back to the top of the screen, not a specific list, as far as I aware.

Yes! The scroll wheel works!
I think I never use it for ages, since I bought the mouse. A good turnaround without trackpad.

Thks, Darren! My next demos will be so much cooler!
And I think I’d better get a trackpad too, if I go on with app dev. That’s a good idea.

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Oh, how do you record this full screen mobile video that can be perfectly viewed on mobile as if it was the actual app?
Is it an app or a desktop software with possible voice over? I’d rather the latter.
Can I crop the mobile menu (the battery, the %charge, the time, the mobile contour) as well as too and bottom corners to fit more on screen and with the exact size of the original app UI?

Thks :relaxed: Darren

That’s done with Loom, with just that part of the screen selected.
You might need a paid Loom plan to access that option, I’m not sure.

And yes, you can add voice over if you need to.


Better option than OBS Studio, thks!
My next demos and deliverable for my current project will be great :relaxed:

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I didn’t know this saying. In French we say “until the hens have teeth”… which is even more surreal…