Empty Titles..No Image, No text


Not sure why I have empty tiles in one component?

I have nothing written in the two cells it would be referring to.

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Is there data in the row? Maybe you need to filter data to skip the 2 row that have the empty values.


Yes, the row has data in other columns.

A filter like… “Resources” contains “submissions”?

Whatever it takes to only show what you want to see.

Ok! the “contains” seems to do the trick.

I’m sure I have other sheets with columns with more or less cells taken up in a column, without the same issue, must be the style.


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Likely unrelated but I’ve had errant items showing up as additional relational items.

Like Product 18 and Product 27 will show up when neither should be options. Glide is intuitive and tries to fill in the blanks automatically but sometimes you need to suppress her creativity with the occasional deletion of helpful data.

Probably need to be careful about using “contains” vs “is”. “Contains” looks for a match within a larger string of text. “Is” looks for an exact 1 to 1 match in the entire string.

Even if the title has other words?

If you are only looking to match a portion of the title, then “Contains” is the best option. If you are looking to match the entire title only, then “Is” is the best option.