Tile component not showing

My app’s URL: 0x8wu.glideapp.io

Hello everyone, it seems like my tile component on the home page is not showing. would be grateful if anyone has a solution.
it is supposed to show the month and a placeholder for an image.


The link you posted is not the correct one for your app. You need to publish the app and get the link to the app there.

ok, got it, thanks

You have set a filter that filters out all rows, so the screen isn’t showing any data:


In addition to that you’ve marked a column as Row Owner that is empty, which also filters out that row (if nobody’s the row owner, nobody sees the row):


Ok thanks it worked! What I wanted to do was to let each unique user see how much they spent. but the app keeps displaying the total of all items

How are you coming up with your total? On your Totals sheet, you are going to need a relation to link the user email to the user email in the Items sheet. Then you will need to point your Rollup to the relation column to get your item totals for each user.