Data not displayed in app

I have problems displaying values in the app itself.
The values are coming through as 0 for some reason.

1 sheet, 2 pages (tables).

Page 1:
Raw data: item/date/amount
Glide columns: template (year/month) / ifthenelse (positive numbers) / ifthenelse (neg. numbers)

Page 2:
irrelevant raw data
Glide columns:
Date input (from date input from date picker) / template (year/month) / Relation on template with page 1 / Rollup - relation-positive numbers (sum of)

The rollup sum is showing correctly in the sheet but in the app it’s returning as 0.
What am i doing wrong of how do i fix this?

Do you have any filters for that screen/powering the chart by a relation/use a row owner setup anywhere in your data?

There is no filter or user specific columns.


Neither any filters.

What about row owners?

Hi Jeff,
No idea how I even setup row owners, how can i check this?

Gregory here’s the Docs about Row Owners :

If you still see this issue I think we might need to look at your app!

Thank you


Hi, I do not have Rown Owners setup.

I have here the link to access the app, is this how you want to look at it?

Only glide staff can view support links, so it’s not useful to the rest of us users.

I have suspicions with how you are working with the date. It may not be splitting the way you think it is on the front end. Date formats are very regional and can change depending on a user’s browser and device settings.

Instead of a split column and two single value columns, replace those three columns with two math columns.

First math column like this:

Second math column like this:

Then put the math year and month together with your template column.

See if that works.


Hi Jeff,

Yes that worked, thank you!
Strange that the data is shown correctly in the data editor but not in the app tho.

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