Multi Filter conditions

Can we apply more than one filter conditions on tab ?


I doesn’t appear so, but you could create a sheet with a filtered view and display that instead, or create a template column with multiple column values that you could use in the filter, or you can create a column in your sheet with values joined together and use that column for the filter.

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Not yet! :slight_smile:


Yes please

This would be a great addition. I’m basically just trying to exclude cells that are blank and zero from my view, which should be straight forward without having to create a new sheet, etc etc. My blanks or zeros are COUNTIF statements, so they’ll change on the fly to other values as forms are submitted, so I can’t filter my sheet at the source because it seems to exclude them even after new data is added that would move them from a value of zero to one.


I also have a use case where I need to be able to filter with a “contains this” and/or “contains that” option.

For example, say my category has both “Sprayer Pump” and “Filter Medium” and I want to list both pumps and filters at the same time. Bad example, since I could just add the word pump to the second one but let’s say that the two categories belong to a parent that isn’t listed.

Then I could really use more than one filter option.

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Same here! Filters based on product tags/descriptors for example.