Empty relation in Editor vs on device (Map layout)

I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design, but I’m hoping there could be an option to make it possible…

When an inline list is empty in the editor, I get a nice image that says “there are no items yet”. On my device, I don’t get this image and just get blank space. I’m trying to figure out a way to add some text to display when the list is empty, but there are several conditions needed to make the text visible, which is making it tough to show this conditional text at the right time. It would be MUCH easier if I could say “show empty image” for the list on the device itself.

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Can you share screenshots please? When my inline lists are empty - there is nothing…so I’m surprised you have the nice image on the editor.

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Hmmmm. that’s interesting. My lists are posts or other items so maybe set up differently. If I have no items, no indication that a list exists. Working through what to say on the tab with conditional visibility if inline list empty! Thank you for sharing!

Possibly it will only say so if your source is a relation, instead of pointing to a sheet and filter it.

Yeah that could be the case. Either way, it doesn’t translate to the device side of things. I only ever see this in the Editor.


This seems to only appear for Maps (still only in the Editor, not on the device side). I’m trying to come up with a way to make a message appear when the list is empty, but I’m struggling (several variables that I’m not able to pull into the user profile to get to them from this screen).

Is it possible to make this “No items yet” message appear on the device? Or give an option to show it when the list is empty? @Mark ?

@shchc Could you share that app, please, and tell me how to get to that screen?

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I’ve sent you a message with the link and instructions. Thanks!

Hi Mark, just curious if you saw the issue and whether or not it’s actually a bug or by design. I’ll rework things if it’s not fixable. Thanks!

It’s on our to-do list.


Appreciate the update. Thanks!

@shchc I can confirm this is a bug, and that is the reason why you’re seeing it inside the builder but not the app. As with the rest of the inline lists (list, cards, etc.) you should get not list at all when there are no items to show. This empty state should only be available when you’ve set your view to be not a details page but a list view for example. We’re going to fix that inconsistency, by not showing it inside the builder either, and in the future we will explore the idea of offering this “empty” scenario for inline lists as well.