Blanks appearing when inline list is below a template

My app’s URL:

It’s not so much blanks as the fact that lots of the data isn’t showing up as expected.

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If I move the list above the template it all shows up fine.

Shared with CloudApp

I just don’t care to have it show up there.

If you could make a copy of your app and then reproduce the issue in the copy and send the link I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

If that’s only happening in the builder, then it’s usually a scaling issue. Try adjusting your browser zoom setting.

I shrunk it down and things did show up on desktop.

Mind you, I hope I don’t have to always adjust from default size settings downwards just to test.

But that’s the least of my worries right now since many aspects of my relational data list are missing for some reason. ie. products not showing up on accessories pages even though I initially believe that they are matching the needed requirements for doing so.

I’ll keep troubleshooting for now since the moment I assume and boldly state that it’s someone else’s fault is usually one minute before I see that it’s my own.

Edit Ten Minutes Later: As suspected, many of my prospective matches were not properly formatted such that they would never have shown up. Garbage in, nothing out.

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