Inline lists disappearing in builder .... in app shows ok

I have already reported this bug sometime ago. Cards dissapear

i also noticed this i

Does anything change if you change your zoom level in your browser, or change your screen resolution?

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Gerard, I had this same issue and resolved it setting the screen to full screen.

BUT, I am facing a similar situaton, as I posted here Bug when using grouping in a horizontal Inline List?

When I use horizontal in-line list without grouping it is normal. But when I choose a grouping by category occurs something strange:
I slide the top one category (or the second one) and what in fact slides is the botton one. :astonished:

I did a video, but I don´t know how to upload it here in the forum.

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You can go to Streamable and upload there then share the link here.

Thank you, ThinhDinh.

Here is…
Bug with horizontal in-line list

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Yep. The zoom was the issue !! Thanks!!!

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Thanks Gui!!