Employee list by location and subcategories

Hello, I have created an app that lists employees and their locations, with an inline list per location listing who works in thta location. I now have to add a sub-category to one of those locations, because there are 2 departments in this location. But the other locations remain a simple list.
If the inline list is configured already without this subcategory, how can I add it to just one of the locations?
Thanks for your answer !

I have the same problem and i don’t find the result :frowning:

Create the relation for departments…add those as inline lists…visibility set to relation is not empty. The other location set visibility to components where relation is empty. Might be a bit tedious setting all those visibility settings but it should work.

Hello Robert, thanks so much for your reply.
I’m sorry my response to you was so long in coming - we’ve been pretty occupied with other projects for the moment.
I’ll work on this today and let you know if it’s been successful.
Thanks again :slight_smile: India

Hello Robert,
It worked - thanks for your comments which helped a lot!
Kind regards, India

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Pleasure to help!

Hello Robert,
In fact, after checking, we saw that the subcategory was applied to all of the locations.
Can you explain in more detail how to do the configuring : The other location set visibility to components where relation is empty. ?
I can send you screenshots if needed.
Thanks so much :))

Should be something like this.


Hello, I do the configuring, and it works for the location with the 2 departments, but then I configure “is empty” for one of the other locations, and this configuration is applied to the first location with 2 departments :confused:
Can I share the app so you can see the sheet?

That works. Make the app copiable and I’ll take a look.