Don't show duplicates in list

I’ve created a employee directory app based on the template but I’m trying to add another tab to show departments and then click through to how only those staff who work in that department.

Say we have 60 employees and we have 5 departments when I create the tab it shows a list of 60 departments. How can I get it to just show the 5 departments?

Thanks in advance

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Did you look at any of the Glide starter tutorials? They also have a template for Employees that you can select right in the Glide development environment that does pretty much exactly what you are asking for. Just think Departments every time you see building/office locations.

Your departments sheet should only contain the 5 departments. Your employees sheet should contain a column to list the department each employee is in. Then you can use a relation column to link the two together. When viewing the details for a department, you can add an inline list, using the relation, to show all of the employees in that department.

Excellent, thanks guys I’ve sorted it, it was the relation column I wasn’t seeing in Glide. I was just using Google Sheets and not the data section in Glide.

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