Add categories and subcategories on the same map

Hi , I have categories and subcategories (companies with several addresses).
I make Relations and Array but I can’t make an array from a relation and I can’t use an array as the data source of the map.

Is there a possibility to display all addresses on the same list / map ?
Thanks and regards.

Lists need data to be in rows. Not arrays. If you have a company table and an address table with a relation linking them together, then you should be able to use the relation as the source of your map list.

Hi, thank you for your answer.
Yes I have a company table and address table but I can’t find the relation as the source :

Do you have an idea why the relation column is displayed in my table with data inside but I can’t find it as a source …?

What is the source of that screen and how did you navigate there? The relation won’t show in the address setting. The source for the map list should be the relation. I assume you should be viewing the details screen for the company, and on that details screen you should have an inline list. That inline list is what should be sourced from the relation.

OK I think I understand what you meant. I have the inline lists with the maps for the subcategories.
What I am trying to do is having all adresses (Companies addresses and all their subcategories addresses) on the same map of the tab.

Do you know if this is possible and how to do it ?

Or maybe the only possibility would be to make a complete table with a column company and a column address.

So you are trying to show the address from the company table as well as the related addresses from the address table in the same map? That won’t work. All addresses need to be in the same table.

Yes, this makes sense to me. place all addresses in one table, then use the company name or a company ID to create the relation from the company table to the address table.

Yes I think it’s logical after all.
Thank you for your help @Jeff_Hager ! :grinning:

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