Send mail to multiple addresses within a subcategory

I apologize to you all for the perhaps silly question.
I am creating a directory consisting of a product category and subcategories. Many email addresses are connected to these sub-categories. I would like to create a system that allows me to send an email to all addresses in the subcategory. I don’t really know how to do it. It’s possible to do it ? For example: I have a macro category WINES, a sub-category WHITE WINES. 2 email addresses are registered in this sub-category. I would like to select the subcategory WHITE WINES and I would like the email to reach all the linked addresses.

THANK’s :slight_smile:


You should be able to create a relation from your category to your sub-category, and then use a joined list column through that relation.


Thank you very much. Is there an example from which to take inspiration or similar in the present templates?

I have seen new people asking this a lot, for my part, I don’t know that much about all the templates on the store. There are a lot of apps on the store and you have a better chance of getting the answer about a specific template by asking the owner of it, else you will have to search and dive into those yourself by the previewing function.

Darren’s instruction was pretty clear, I think you should try it first, see if you have any questions about it, and then come back here if you need further help from us. It will give you a better base to build other functions for your apps.

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