Send a message ( email ) to groups of people, in CCn

Hello to all.
I need an advice. I’m stuck. I have a spreadsheets with 100 email addresses of suppliers I source from, divided into 3 categories (example: beer suppliers, wine suppliers, water suppliers). Can I send an email, by group of suppliers, without the suppliers address being visible? So, if I choose the category “Beers”, how can I send an email to all the addresses linked to this specific group in CCn (or other blind way)?
Thanks a lot to those who can help me. I went into crisis on this aspect.

Help, please … :innocent:

I don’t think there’s a “blind” way to do this with the native email component. You would need a Zapier to trigger a Glide action. Your “Send to” field would be a joined list of all emails in the chosen category, which you can generate with a user-specific column (to store the category choice), a multiple match relation and a joined list of emails.