Relation, Lookup, maybe, I don't know!

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’m trying to create a real estate app with these datas (4 sheets) :

  • A Categories sheet (with 3 categories) : a simple sheet with types of properties and images of the differents categories
  • Category 1 sheet (with all the properties of category 1 + differents infos)
  • Category 2 sheet (with all the properties of category 2 + differents infos)
  • Category 3 sheet (with all the properties of category 3 + differents infos)

I’m looking to show on my Categories sheet, all the adresses in the same cell. I tryed Lookup, rollup, math for hours, I don’t find how to do that.

This is my best result, I can only fill the first line :

Have you some idea ?


I would suggest having all of your properties in a single table, and include a Category column.
Then the relation that’s shown in your screen shot will match the Category with the Category column in your Properties table.
Then on your Categories detail screen, add a collection component and set the source as your relation column.

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