Emojis are very small!

Dear All,
i am trying to use an imoji using the choice column which read from a table with a number of emojis (emoji column).
but in a listing , they are extremely small :
is there a way i can make it bigger? it should take most of the image space available in a list
even in the choice form it is extremely small:
note that i am using the emojis from the shortcut (windows key + . ) and filling the table mentioned above with selected emojis.
any help with this?
thanks all

Completely agree. @tristan @Ivo_Elbert can we get emojis to fill the space a bit more?


Dude thanks for your reply, i follow your videos and they are extremely useful. i am building an MVP using glide and i gotta say this platform is very enjoyable to use, with you and the other expert’s support we can push our products forward. thanks again sir


Appreciate the kind words!

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