Is there a way to reduce image size in glide list view

Hi guys,

I have been able to set image for litre based on status using website

I want to know if I can play around with the size of the image of the list view item.

Attaching screenshot with circled portion for which I need to change the size and make it smaller

Basic requirement is I need that image to be smaller circle than the one that it is currently

Please find the screenshot with the image area circled

Thank you in advance


Another option is to just use colored emoji and join them to text using a template column. Then you wouldn’t have to mess around with images.

Emoji on their own can be used as text or in image components.

Thank you for the response Jeff

Newbie here. Could you give me little more detail?

Basically I would want the circled portion to have small colour and it will change based on status for each of the item in list view

**Emojis would be an image right ? I would want a plain colour to be displayed **

Got help from @Darren_Murphy and it was successful in achieving its goal

But now I want a smaller image view size meaning the coloured circle needs to be made little smaller

Can that still be done ?


Emoji are text. But they can also be treated as image in Glide of the are used for an image component. Either way works.

These are all text based emoji that you can copy and paste just like text.


You can use them in your IF column. You can join them to existing text using a template column. Or you can point an image component to them.

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Let me try this and get back to you if I have any doubts Jeff


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Hi Jeff, I don’t think I would be able to join to a text because text component is dynamic and is fetched from database **correct me if I am wrong or is there another way **

I point it to that column to fetch the data

However I can try pointing it to the image column by using if else


Use a template column


Thank you Darren, hadn’t thought of it. Will do that now



Thank you Darren. This worked like a charm. Though the only drawback is we cant copy paste all types of images

Thank you Jeff, This works great but the only drawback is there is limited option of images we can copy paste. Is there any website where we can get a full list of them with many options?

Have a look on Emojipedia.


Thank you Nathan. It was the first option I checked :slight_smile: There are a lot of options in it.

For coloured circle there are options but limited.


Another idea would be to use the Hero Icon computed column. The Hero Icon column allows you to create images based on presets of icons at

Things to keep in mind:

  • Unlike an emoji, the output of a Hero Icon column is an image. Images take up more room on a screen.
  • The icons available at are limited.
  • I’m not sure which colors you can use. Last I tried it, I used color descriptors (blue, green, red, etc.) and hex color codes, but not all hex codes seemed to work. Still, you will have more color options than the few available on emojipedia.

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