Image custom height

It could be great if it was possible to do custom height of the image component.

I have be using 1:1 but the challenge is that Glide doesn’t know the height until the image is loaded - and this results in buttons placed below the image will jump from below “image box and image not loaded” to below “image box when image is loaded”.

If we could specify custom sized image box e.g. 3:4 then we could adjust the images to be put in the box to be 3:4.
Right now if you want to show an 3:4 image then you will have to use the 1:1 style and then adjust your image to 3:4 - but as mentioned the size of the box isn’t know until the image is loaded - and element below the image will move up and down

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Is this in regards to your carousel? If not, the only thing I can think of and currently do myself is create a multiple relation from the row back to itself (should return only one matching row). Then display the relation as an inline list with a tile or card layout with the image ratio set in the list.

@Jeff_Hager Actually I used the increment action to next image like @Manan_Mehta showed in Paging and navigation using increment action

In this situation I would like to make use of a custom size image box

I cannot see this working with an inline list - but I might be wrong.

I display images in some cases using lists. It gives you more control and the bonus of overlays. The image here is not an image component. It’s an inlist list from a relation where the row points to itself. Again, it’s the same as the family reunion app I’ve been sharing.

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