Display entire image in list view regardless of "Image Shape"

Are there any plans on implementing “Fill” to the list view Design options? My client is requesting logos from over 200 sponsors and thought they have asked for 3:2 ratios, of course, they are getting every size you can imagine.

Is it a hard add to put a “Fill” option to lists that would show the entire image if it does not exactly fit the list’s image shape?

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 1.46.27 PM

Hi, I wonder in the meantime whether it’s worth looking at cloudinary as an interim solution?

It may have what you are looking for


Just a thought :thought_balloon:

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@Rosewebstudio just my thoughts :slight_smile:
But still a nice feature request.
Actually, when Glide is relying on Cloudinary anyway then it would be cool if more of the Cloudinary transformations could be done directly in Glide - without the need to do your own Cloudinary transformations.