Editing a record and updating a column and using Go back in the same action does not save the record changes

I have a record, I click the pencil icon to edit the record. On the Edit record form I have a button which I use to make the record completed.

The action attached to this button is…

  • Set columns - I apply the necessary changes.
  • Show Notification
  • Go Back

I assumed to Go Back would apply the changes to the record but it doesn’t. Any changes I made in the Set Columns action are not saved.

The Go Back action is equivalent of clicking Cancel in the Edit record mode.

So are you using the native pencil button on the top right or are you creating a new screen to make edits?

Native pencil icon.

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What are you trying to change with the set column action? Is it the same row you are trying to edit? If so, any reason why you are not clicking in the submit button instead?

Also based on your list of actions, you never navigate to any other screens, so of course the go back action will back you out of the edit screen.

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Emmm… I overlooked that. Performing the Action in the submit function.


me too

I am having a similar situation