Edit and Action not saving as expected

This community is amazing! So many helpful responses already. I have learned so much but must be missing some obvious. Here is the problem:

  1. I created a button on a record. It opens a sub page which has a Form Container in. I can make changes.

  2. I think I understand that I only should set Mesenger_id in columns since it is the unique identifier.

  3. The contact page is rewritten every few minutes from an external process so can update the page for the user to see, but I also need to create a new row in a timestamp document which a backend process will pull in to refresh main page. To do this I create a action.

  4. In Action I set to update row:

As well as Create new row in Coach Update Document:

  1. The new row seems to be created ok, but the original sheet document doesn’t update. Am I doing something wrong?

So you are wanting to update values in the new row that has just been added?

This is known to not be 100% reliable, and is generally not recommended. A better approach is to pass the values together with the form submission, so they are part of the add row action. There are various ways to do this, depending on where the values come from.

@Darren_Murphy thanks for responding. No, I just want to update the existing row, then create a new row in another table with that same data. I can get the new row to create just fine. It is in the updating of the existing row that I am having trouble.

Is the action associated with the edit button “Show edit screen”?

I’ve tried both the

  • Show New Page
  • Show Edit Page

options but I have the same problem both ways.

I think you are creating unnecessary complexity.

In your 1st version, I would keep things simple:

  • If you want to edit a row (a Contact), use a “Show edit screen” action from the detail screen of that item/row.
  • If you want to add a row (a new Coach), use a “Show form screen” action.
  • You could keep those two actions separate: start one and finish it, start the other and finish it.

@nathanaelb thanks for you feedback. I am aware this is not ideal. The issue is that I am not fully in charge of data stream. We have data being transposed and compiled from Postgres using Python into a Google Sheet that is updated every few minutes. So in that sense this table while editable will be overwritten every couple minutes. I want to be able to update the existing row for a minute of two so that the information shows on the Page layout, but this is only temporary. I also need to save to a “update” row on another tab that gets pulled into the Postgres data transformation so that the main page gets updated with the timestamp data.

If I try to use Edit Page I end up with two submit buttons so I instead went with a New Page action and then created a action that tries to update both the main page as well as the new changelog table. However what happens is that the main page gets a new row rather than being updated. I do get a new row added on timestamp table correctly.

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