Go back ACTION doesn't work in forms

So I added a button in a form for the user to choose to click on for a scenario to respond by audio

So in this case I created a compound action to open a certain link to record audio and then go back from the form but it the go back didn’t work

I tried also the navigate to home it didn’t work

I tried view details it worked but it will go to a null space since the form is not gonna be used

I’m guessing it’s because the form is a modal pop up screen and ‘go back’ may instead be trying to go back on the underlying screen. What I would maybe do is create a ‘link to screen’ (this item) button or an action button with the link to screen action in place of the form button and have it fill user specific columns. So basically a custom made form. On that new screen you can build it like you had your form, have it fill the user specific columns, then have a button that will ‘add row’ to the form response sheet. Here your ‘video audio’ button should work as expected. You can also add some actions on the submit button or the button to enter the form, where you could clear out the user specific column values so the form is fresh the next time to go into it.


I wish the go back action would just close the form…

The workaround works fine Jeff thanks, but the issue I can’t use the ROWID because the sheet am using is an importrange sheet from another sheet filtered that gets updated always and rows sequences are changing based on that which helps the app performance speed and remove completed rows.

Rather than linking to ‘This Item’, you could probably have a dedicated sheet with a single row to act as your form sheet with the user specific columns. I’m working on an app right now, where the user profile sheet is the driver for all tabs and I’m building custom forms like I described above. In my case, the user specific columns to temporarily hold the form values are all in the user profile sheet. No, I don’t really need user specific columns in this case because each user has their own row, but I accidentally did it with the first set of form columns and stuck with it because user specific column headings have a blue color and it’s easier to see them in the data editor.


I did exactly that on my kiosk app

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